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Veterans 2 Employment aims to provide Veterans and their spouses with viable opportunities to obtain careers that will increase their livability and sustainability.

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Take a look at some of the programs we provide for our veterans, active duty members, and their spouses.



Drone Training

Career Counseling


Operation Phantom Support

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We provide training in customer service & sales, business retail, management, commercial drone pilot, information technology, and much more. Our programs are aimed at supporting active duty service members, veterans, and their spouses as they transition out of the military or as they make the decision to enter onto a new career path.

active duty

We support active duty members from all branches of the military, including the National Guard and Reserves.


Our program is aimed at supporting Veterans during their transition out of active duty service.


In addition to the active duty service member or veteran, we also support their spouses in finding employment.

Our programs


Operation Phantom Support's Pre-MAP is a competitive program.

Applicants start with an interview to determine if Pre-MAP is the right program for them. The candidate then completes interviews with our employer partners during the program. Upon completion of the course and exiting the military, the participant starts the Managers Apprenticeship Program OPS MAP.

OPS MAP is a paid apprenticeship program with starting salaries between $17 & $25 an hour. Select program attendees will have the opportunity to own a controlling interest in the franchise they help to build. This is a unique option that allows the Veteran first hand experience at running a franchise. Should the apprentice elect not to be an entrepreneur, they will have the option of keeping their management position. It is a Win/Win for the franchise owners and the Veteran.

Operation Phantom Support Managers Apprenticeship Program and Pre-Apprenticeship Program is a unique concept that will allow Veterans a true opportunity at entrepreneurship.  CONTACT US TODAY!  DON’T START OVER, START MOVING UP!

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Operation Phantom Support Managers Apprenticeship Program and Pre-Apprenticeship Program through Skill-Bridge is a unique concept that will allow Veterans and spouses a true opportunity at entrepreneurship. We do not just stop there with the credentials, training, and experience provided through OPS MAPS Veterans and spouses will be competitive with their civilian counterparts, in many cases more competitive.

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Drone Training

The Drone Pilot Program is a one week course designed to help you pass the FAA's Part 107 exam for commercial unmanned aerial vehicle pilots.

Our program also includes job readiness features and the ERUdyne Drone Pilot Community platform, where businesses looking for drone pilots are actively engaged. We have several different funding options: -OPS Scholarships-Funding Assistance Programs

Get started towards you career as Licensed Drop Pilot today.

career counseling

Transitioning Veterans often find themselves feeling that they have to start over once they exit Military Service. Our program allows transitioning Veterans the opportunity to continue to lead in their civilian careers.

Industry Recognized Credentials:National Retail Federation, Customer Service and Sales Certified Specialist, Business of Retail Certified Specialist, Entrepreneur opportunity. Resume Building, Interview skills training, and networking events are just a few if the services we offer at no cost to our Veteran Community.

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More info coming soon!

In the meantime, V2E and Operation Phantom Support are seeking donations for our scholarship program.


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