Who we are, and what we do

Operation Phantom Support (OPS) has been a long-standing community partner where Veterans can turn to in their times of need. With the introduction of the OPS V2E programs OPS hopes to provide pathways to success for Transitioning Veterans, Previously Separated Veterans, and Military Spouses. V2E will provide guidance, training, and support. OPS V2E has two programs the OPS Managers Apprenticeship Program (MAP), and the OPS MAP Skill Bridge Program to assist Veterans in becoming Leaders in their communities.

Veterans 2 Employment also provides training in Customer Services and Sales, the Business of Retail, Management, Commercial Drone Pilot, IT, and MRI Technologist. Through our partnerships with VETES, Vet-Com.Org, Central Texas College, The Department of Labor, and the Department of Defence, we have a wide range of opportunities, and the expertise to guide our community of Veterans, Service Members, and spouses to success.

Our Mission

In keeping with Operation Phantom Supports mission to connect Veterans and their communities Veterans2Employment aims to provide Veterans and their spouses with viable opportunities in leadership positions.

Our Future

Veterans2Employment will continue to build and deliver programs to transitioning Service Members, Veterans, and their spouses. We are currently in the process of building programs in the IT, Medical, Financial, and Government arenas. Our Managers Apprenticeship Program (MAP) will take the franchising world by storm. We will have opportunities for franchise ownership and management positions across the country by 2023.

meet Our team

Mark Bauer, M.P.A., C.S.

Mark served in the United States Military for 15 years before being medically separated. He completed 2 deployments to Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. His passion is to bring opportunities to the Veteran community that did not previously exist.

After earning his Bachelors in Business Management, he followed his passion of helping others to a Masters’ of Public Administration. Over the past 5 years he has worked on several transitioning programs and seen over 500 Veterans and Transitioning Service Members placed in meaningful careers.

His vision for the V2E program is to create opportunities for his fellow Veterans and spouses to become community leaders. Mark always says “Give a man a fish he will eat for day. Teach a man to fish he will always have food. Teach a veteran to eat they will feed an Army”.

John valentine, ceo